CELEBRATION – April 14, 2011

Let’s start out on a positive note.  Let me tell you about today’s soccer practice.  My 8-year-old son is very excited to be in the senior town soccer “league” and he has weekly practices (for an hour and a half in often less than desirable weather).  Tonight, like last week’s practice, he got hit in the head.  Fortunately, it is not common that he gets hurt like this, but this season has been off to a rough start.  He and another boy were doing a drill where they were racing to pass and score a goal (an “assist” for you soccer people).  The ball wall unintentionally kicked upward and it hit Cameron square in the eye.  Ouch!  The first impressive thing was that he finished the drill and they made the goal.  Then he stopped and cried while the coach examined his eye and I watched on nervously, trying to figure out when/if I should intervene.  He started to feel better when we talked about the fact that both weeks that he was hit in the eye at practice; it was at least to his bad eye.  (He has a rare eye condition where he has little central vision from one eye… expected to be an issue with both eyes eventually.)

The highlight, though was when he came back to give me a hug and thank you after he felt better and was ready to join his teammate.  This is what we do as parents.  We comfort.  It’s often taken for granted.  This time it was not and it was a pleasant surprise.  Despite the fact that his soccer buddies were nearby, my son came back to me for a big hug.  Love it!  AND a “thank you” too.  Wow!  I was touched.  This was the most memorable moment of my whole week.


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