UGH!  It’s time to plan out the kids’ summer (and thus my schedule).  This is one of those times where I feel stuck in the middle as a “part-time” working mom.  Many mom friends are excited to have the summer off (either because they’re teachers or are home full-time with their kiddos).  Others already have their kids signed up for full-time camp (as they work full-time).  Me, I’m somewhere in-between, as usual.  And it looks like this summer’s schedule is going to be crazy!

Why crazy, you ask?  Well, my daughter is insistent on “moving on” from her former camp (which was also the kids’ daycare and preschool for many years).  So the time has come to research other camp options.  No more easy camp sign-up to the usual place for me.  And I was thinking I had at least another year!  Sigh.  Why am I so nice?  Yeah, yeah, because I love my kids.  Still.

So…  I’ve found traditional, full-time day camps (7 to 12 hours/day) and a couple places where you can sign up for just 2 or 3 days per week.  Some require 8 weeks minimum and others are for a week or two (with no limit).  Since we’re making a switch from sticking with one place – or possibly just because I’m gluten for punishment – I figure we may as well offer the kids variety.  (This will also help to even out the more expensive weeks with less expensive/shorter weeks.)  So, to sum it up, my summer is going to be nuts.  Potentially every week could be different.  This may be more crazy than when one kid was in grade school (every day until 3pm) and another in preschool (3 full days).  Yet, I think it’ll be good overall.  Am I just crazy?  I wonder what other moms in my situation (those with part-time, fairly regular work) are planning this summer.


2 responses to “SUMMER PLANNING WOES

  1. Amy when Sarah and Kate were younger (now they are 18 and 15), I used to have them in different types of camps. Sometimes they were at Art Camp, Horse Back Riding Camp, Theatre Camp, Bible Camp or the local township day camp that you could select 1-4 weeks and not have to do all 4 weeks.
    Good for you for exploring the options. I laughed out loud reading that you are too nice or just bringing on punishment. I am always trying to make our kids happy. Even now! Now camp is a 6 week trip to India for Sarah! Kate and Sarah have both been active camp counselors at the local day camp for several years now. They started as CIT (Counselor In Training) and then became full Counselors.
    Eazy Peazy Lemon Squeezy on the camp idea!

    • Awesome variety. I hope my kids like that too. I think there will be some YMCA, gymnastics, karate, and soccer camps. Their summer should fly by. Soon enough it’ll be time to plan some day trips… I do plan to have some fun too. 🙂

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