Like Father, Like Son

This is the image I was left with after Rob went off to work and the kids went off to school Wednesday morning.  Evidence of the morning’s run, just Dad and Son.

Cameron and Rob enjoyed a nice run together and it reminded me of the great run I had with Cameron on Mother’s Day morning.  Running is something I’ve enjoyed for about 2 years now, thanks to Rob’s encouragement, and Cameron is even newer to running, being just 8-years-old and all.  I have to say that running with Cameron is quite an experience.  He is so enthusiastic!  It’s fun to run with him as he’s so upbeat and it makes the time fly by, in a good way.  🙂

It amazes us how fast he is and that longer distances don’t seem to faze him either.  Last year, he completed a 1 mile race in just over 7 minutes.  I know this is no record, but keep in mind that he’s not even 4 feet tall, so those legs are moving mighty fast.  He seems to be a natural runner, just like his father and his grandfather (who once set a track record and has completed marathons).  After both our 1.7 mile run and Wednesday’s 2.5 mile run, Cameron proudly announced that he wasn’t even sweating like mom or dad.  Thanks for the reminder of how lovely we look and smell after running, kiddo!

Anyway, Cameron loves the freedom of running off the track, the variety of routes and hills, and whatever else you throw his way.  It’s a pleasure to see him enjoy this sport so much and it’s great to share the running experience with our son.  Soon he’ll run a 5k race with us and I can’t wait to see him on the track and cross-country teams when he’s a teenager.  Watch out running world!


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