Marketing Mommy

Being a “numbers person”, I never knew I’d be doing so much marketing!  Not only am I regularly marketing my business (something I wouldn’t have predicted I’d be doing 10 years ago), but I find myself marketing to my kids.  That’s right, I “sell” to my kids.  Come on now, I know I’m not alone.

For example, I made a point to tell my daughter that she could have ANGEL hair for dinner (instead of the blah spaghetti that she doesn’t like).  Get this, she ate it all – and it was multigrain pasta to boot!  Score for this marketing mommy.  Rob has successfully sold the kids on foods too with his “pasta surprise” (pesto).  We’ve also psyched them up to accept whatever dinner place we chose by telling them we we’re going on a “mystery ride”.  By the time we get there, they’re too hungry to suggest choosing another restaurant.

It’s all about how you spin things, right?  For clients, it may be talking up how flexible my schedule is to suit their needs (rather than discussing how setting my own appointments lets me work around my family’s plans).  “Pitching” things the right way even works my husband.  The other night I asked him to come home early.  The purpose was so I could go to karate, but the point I focused on when talking to Rob was that we could relax and have wine at the end of the night.  For me, this balanced calories with exercise.  Plus it helped me unwind at the end of the day.  This made for a happy wife and a happy husband.  🙂

So, I have learned that moms and business owners alike must be good marketers.  That’s a double whammy for me.


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