Fewer Dead Trees

  Last year I received a fun, technology gift that helped me “go green” and save some trees.  That gift is the Kindle.  I must say, I love my Kindle.  It’s so nice to have access to multiple books on a device that take up less space than a paperback.  Plus it’s fun to update.  Thank you wireless technology.

I know others that swear by their Nook.  Same concept, but I really like how book-like the Kindle reading experience is.  I can easily read it in sunlight, so I enjoy it outside and even on the beach.  Although it’s occasionally convenient to use the Kindle app on my phone to squeeze in a few pages of reading when I have unexpected downtime, I prefer the Kindle itself.  Not only is it larger (fewer pages to turn), but it’s not backlit.  Back-lighting is tiring for my eyes.

The only thing I don’t like about the Kindle is that it encourages me to add to my TBR (to be read) list, which is plenty long enough!  Over the past few months, the nightly debate has been whether to read or write as I don’t have enough time to blog and read (for fun) in an evening.  I am inspired to make time though, as there some great bloggers that find time to read and blog.  In fact, Bookworm with a View was one of the things that inspired me to start blogging.  You should see the TBR list on that blog!

Anyway, my Kindle has added to my reading enjoyment.  I must admit though, I still like real books too.  It’s a good thing too as I still have a tall stack of novels waiting on my bookcase.  Last time we vacationed, I learned it’s best to bring an actual book on the plane rather than the Kindle.  Having the flight attendant tell me to turn my Kindle off – even though it was already offline – was very annoying.  Like my reading is going to prevent the plane from taking off or landing.  Right.  So, if you haven’t already learned this lesson the hard way like I did, make note.  Real book (or magazine) for planes.

Do you have an electronic reading device and/or use such an app on your phone?  What’s your experience?


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