In Defense of My Vice

I’ve been playing around with Plinky in order to write more often and work out ideas.  A recent prompt challenged me to “Defend Your Vice.”  Here’s my response…

Iced lattes from Dunkies are my vice. My husband got me into coffee by encouraging me to try chocolaty coffee concoctions, Coolattas, and such. Prior to age 30, I never drank coffee. (Though I was addicted to Coca-Cola as a teenager.) So it’s interesting that I now depend on my latte fix. I’m all about the cold drinks. It has to be pretty cold out for me to want a hot chocolate or hot coffee. It’s easy for the Dunkin’ Donuts employees to remember me in the winter as I’m the only one looking for an iced latte.

Would I quit? I suppose, but I don’t see any reason to give up my lattes in the near future. I don’t think one coffee a day is a problem and it’s a relatively small thing that makes me happy. I will say that I’m okay without it when traveling or have some change in routine. Not like my stepmother, who must have at least 6 coffees a day!

So, as vices go, I think my iced latte is pretty decent.  🙂

Of course, chocolate rules too.  Check out Chocolate Crisis for my views on chocolate if you haven’t already read my previous post.


2 responses to “In Defense of My Vice

  1. I was raised on coffeemilk (50/50) and still drinnk one cup a day. Light and sweet (mostly coffee these days with a splash of milk). I love the starbucks coffee frappachino and was SO excited last week to see a starbucks is coming to my town. I haven’t had one in over a year. I hope they are as good as I remember.

  2. That’s neat – I love Starbucks too, mostly the mocha or java chip frappachinos. What a treat! Enjoy. 🙂

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