Summertime Favorites

View of Cape Cod Bay from Wellfleet Wildlife Sanctuary

After a nice mini-vacation on Cape Cod with family, I still have vacation-brain.  It’s hard to get back into work-mode and concentrate.  I find this is true not only when returning from vacation, but during the Summer in general as there are always people talking about vacation.  It’s so nice to escape reality and its daily stresses and go someplace different, isn’t it?

My favorite Summertime sensations:

Harbour Town Lighthouse, Hilton Head Island

  • Sound: waves crashing on the beach
  • Place: beachfront property (maybe next time)
  • Taste: mussels in white wine sauce – with a glass of wine to accompany it of course!
  • Feel: the tide pulling back the water over my feet
  • View: sunset over the water (like the one pictured here from last summer’s vacation)

My childhood vacation memories include playing with my cousins at various beaches in Maine.  It’s funny how the cold water never bothered me then.  I would turn purple and insist I was fine.  It was near impossible to get me out of the water, just ask my parents.  I also enjoyed going down the shore – the Jersey shore, that is.  The boardwalks along the ocean were so much fun.  Besides the ocean, one of my favorite spots was the water park in Saco, Maine.  I recall going down many slides with my uncle and cousins.  Those days were the highlight of my summers as a kid.

What’s your favorite Summer vacation spot?


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