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Our son inhales books like older boys inhale food.  Thank goodness for our local library!  If we had to pay for all the books he’s read, we’d be in the poor house by now.  Needless to say, getting him to finish the summer reading part of his summer school work was not a problem.  It was a bit more challenging for our daughter who’s still learning to read.  On the other hand, she loves to do the worksheets I give her.

Just a few days until the new school year starts…
The kids finished their summer work and I set up their new lunch accounts.
Love being able to manage this online!  What I’m not too thrilled about is the ever-growing list of supplies they need to start the year.  Back when I was a kid (and walking uphill 5 miles in the snow to school, etc.), we didn’t have a required list of supplies.  Although I enjoy back-to-school shopping just as much as the kids, it’s sad that the schools cannot supply enough pencils, binders, notebooks, and the like.  Our society just does not support (public) education.  Well, there are some wealthier towns with high taxes that seem to adequately support their children, but this is not the norm and it’s a shame.

forecast -

Due to concerns about the impact of Hurricane Irene, the school superintendent warned parents that school might start a day late.  I like my friend’s Facebook response, “I should warn him, my daughter will be going to school regardless if the school is open or not.”  😀

I’m certainly hoping school is not delayed.  The kids are so excited to go back to school and start their new year.  They would be terribly disappointed over a delay and it’d make for a long day for all of us.  Getting back to the normal routine will be good.  The kids need the challenge of learning new things and they’ll be happy to see their peers again.  Until then, we’re home for a hurricane and will hopefully be out and about having fun Monday, not dealing with damage from the storm.


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