Why I’m an Unhappy Mom Today

So much for being ready for school.  Back to school today?  Tomorrow?
Uh, no.  😦

Tropical Storm Irene knocked out the power and the electric companies haven’t been able to restore enough power to get our schools up and running yet.  At first, it was a delayed opening for the school year (postponed 1 day).  Now we’re one of a few school districts in the area to have the beginning of the school year delayed by a whole week.  What a great start to the year – not!  It’s 80 degrees outside and we’ve used up 3 snow days.  Swell.

GRRR.  This change in plans has made me very grumpy today.  The effects of the tropical storm (from Sunday) are quite old and annoying now – and I’m one of the lucky ones with power!  I really feel for those without power – and now with kids home longer.  Ugh!  Yes, worse things could happen and I feel badly for people in the regions that were hit harder by the storm.  Nonetheless, this situation was so unexpected that I was not prepared and it puts me in a bind.  So I feel justified in being unhappy and moody, at least for a day.

Tomorrow morning I’m determined to wake up with a happy face – well, after a shower and coffee anyway.  I will make the most of the extra time with the kids (while trying to keep them from bickering and annoying each other) and will figure out how to rearrange my work schedule (thank God for family).  This will work out, I know.  For now though, I am one unhappy working mom.


2 responses to “Why I’m an Unhappy Mom Today

  1. oh no! Using snow days before the year begins…

    We didn’t have power for four days but we can’t complain, no damage was worth it. Our neighborhood lost several trees, lots of flooding. My view, September is here and August is gone… thank god!

    I hope you have a wonderful long weekend!

  2. Mari – It looks like your area was hit harder than up here. I have family in Morris County – some with flooded basements, most did not have power for days like you guys. Denville looks like the whole downtown is flooded. Ugh, no fun. I hope everyone recovers quickly and can enjoy the long, holiday weekend.

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