Staying Young

As my next birthday approaches, I’ve been thinking about my age.  Things like my bifocal lenses and “laugh lines” make me feel old and remind me that my body is aging.  Age reminders and my upcoming birthday give me a renewed interest in staying as young as possible.  I want to keep up with my kids and set a good example.  And of course I just feel best about myself when I take measures to feel young.

So here are a couple of ways that I combat against aging signs and more importantly, their mental impact:

  • Periodic trips to the dermatologist to have moles removed.  Results: clearer skin; I feel younger; not to mention good medical reasons to stay on top of this.  Bonus: health insurance pays for these procedures, so they only cost me time.
  • Regular workouts: karate, tennis, running, biking, etc.  The last two especially make me feel young as they’re natural childhood activities.
  • A little makeup never hurts either.  It’s good to be a girl.

On my last birthday, feeling young was as simple as going to the liquor store with my hair up in a ponytail as I got carded.  What an unexpected birthday gift that was!  🙂


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