Keeping up with Technology – Part 2

Just a quick follow-up to my previous discussion on keeping up with technology.

Thanks to a good deal at Radio Shack, I upgraded my sad, old Droid phone to a Droid Bionic.  The 4G network expanded to our area the week I got my new phone, so it’s super-fast now.  I have to admit though, it has been difficult to get used to some of the differences between the two phones.  I expected more similarities going from one Droid to another, but apparently many things changed since I got the original Droid 2 years ago.

Boston's skinniest house

I am pleased to report that I figured out how to upload pics directly to Facebook again.  I have a number of pictures on my phone now that I haven’t uploaded to my computer yet or shared while I was figuring things out.  Oh well, at least I’m happy with the built-in camera.  It really comes in handy, including this weekend when I forgot the battery to my regular camera for our Freedom Trail Run.  (What an awesome run!)

The large screen on the phone is both good and bad.  It’s even easier to see and it’s extremely clear and nice.  On the other hand, the phone is more bulky.  Perhaps not the best for a petite (a nicer word than short) woman like myself.  I definitely can’t be wearing this on my person.  Still, it’s a great phone overall.

One last thing about my new phone.  Is it bad to enjoy the fact that my tech-savvy husband is jealous?  I’m sure I only have a few months to gloat…  soon enough technology will leap ahead again and then he’ll eligible for an upgrade.


What do you think?

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