The End of an Era?

Friendly’s closing 30 Mass. locations as part of bankruptcy

I find this recent news to be very sad.  I have many, good childhood memories at Friendly’s and we like bringing the kids there.  As I digest this news, I find myself reminiscing about growing up and various trips to Friendly’s.  I fondly recall a number of trips to Friendly’s with my Dad.  Ice cream is practically his middle name and this was one of his favorite spots (until they sold out to Hershey’s).  This also brings back stories of my parents including a honeymoon stop in Wilbraham, MA (home and headquarters of Friendly’s).  Thinking about Friendly’s also brings up good memories of my Pop-Pop (my mother’s father who passed away when I was 11) and how I’d eat his meal and he’d end up with the kid’s grilled cheese, hot dog, or Fishamajig.  I also enjoyed many trips there with friends as a teenager.  I particularly remember sharing quesadillas with my good friend Rachel.  The two of us naturally ended up at a Friendly’s in Ithaca during a trip to check out Ithaca College during my senior year of high school.

Nowadays I enjoy taking my kids there for a meal and a Monster Mash sundae like I had as a kid.  Or perhaps a Cone Head sundae.  Plus, one store in the area is now on the bike trail and that makes for a nice, family stop.  Now it looks like the beginning of the end for this chain and I’ll be sad to see them go.  At least the local store is still open – for now – so the kids can redeem their free sundae coupons from the bank.  (The local bank gives rewards to kids for making deposits – how great is that?!)

Wow, I didn’t realize how many memories I had related to Friendly’s over the years until I sat down to write this.  Anyone else sad about this chain potentially going away?


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