The Cute Days

It was not my idea to bring up Christmas, but with the stores pushing holidays so early, the kids naturally are excited about the time when Santa arrives (and leaves them lots of goodies).  “Santa is real because the government tracks him” says my son.  I love how kids think sometimes!  Thank you, for keeping the dream alive.  This statement from my 8-year-old reminded me about the “old days” when the kids were little and said so many cute things.  Here are some favorites I remember:

  • “Same same” (Our daughter’s expression for connecting similar items as a toddler.)
  • “M’s and M’s” (This is what our son called M&M candies and we didn’t correct him.)
  • “The day before today” (Either because ‘yesterday’ was too big of a word or perhaps this was more logical, I’m not sure which.)
  • “Nakes!” (Our daughter left off the ‘S’ in snakes for the longest time and she said it with such enthusiasm as she’s always been amused by those slimy creatures.)
  • “The Pams” (For a long time, the kids couldn’t remember our neighbor’s last name.  Since they could remember Pam, the friendly mom of the family, they collectively became known as “The Pams”.  I wonder what Pam’s husband would think about this.)

Although our kids are too old to be using these expressions anymore, at least there’s still the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus, and the Easter Bunny.  I don’t dare ask how much longer we have to enjoy this fun, innocent time.  We just try to savor the moments.


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