What an Awesome Weekend

So, the other day I finished my last run in preparation for my favorite 5k race of the year.  Love those Fall runs!  I finished this training run about a minute before the bus arrived (cutting it close, I know).  Anyway, I met the kids and on the way home, I mentioned that I had just finished a good run and was ready for the race.  My son’s response, “Oh, were you just running?”  I love how oblivious kids can be, especially relating to their parents.  My red-like-a-lobster face, my rapid breathing, and my shorts and t-shirt on a brisk Fall day clearly were not observed by my son.  He was only focused on the new Scholastic book and stuffed dog that he brought home from school.

This weekend my husband, our 8-year-old, and I ran in my favorite 5k race of the year, the Paws and Claws race.  So many reasons to love this race: it’s the perfect time of year (Autumn in New England), the venue is beautiful and interesting (closed course at a state park with some off-road trails), and it supports an animal shelter.  This animal lover is in love with this race.  Luckily, the weather cooperated too.  It was fantastic.  Although our son was a little nervous with so many dogs running (with their owners), once the air horn went off, he did great.  In fact, despite my training and setting a new personal record (woo hoo!), I couldn’t keep up with him.  He finished in 26:43 – 24th overall in a race with over 300 runners.  Wow, that’s some 1st 5k for a little guy!  We are so proud of him.  Oh, and while I’m bragging, I passed my husband for the first time and took 10th for our division.

As if all that wasn’t enough for the weekend, we also attended a friend’s birthday party and had a family birthday bash the next night.  So now I’m full of yummy cake (my favorite: Midnight Delight) and other good things and I’m quite tired.  All in all, it was a crazy, but awesome weekend.  Thanks to my family, especially Rob, for making it a nice, birthday weekend.


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