Thank You & How Cats Help

To those who have followed my adventures in blogging, I thank you.  It has been interesting to write and share my perspective on life.  Thank you for reading.  Unfortunately, as I’ve mentioned, my plate seems a bit too full and thus I am going to discontinue this blog.  I simply must reclaim the time and focus on other things.  I will continue to post on Facebook and Twitter and I hope to see you there.

My parting post… How Cats Help Me
(Fitting that I should finish by talking about cats, yes?)

I recently read an article on improving one’s running times.  One of the tips was to “claw” the ground to run faster.  I tested out this concept on my next run and you know what?  My time was measurably faster.  Cool!

There are a number of cat references in karate training.  The Tiger and the Panther are two of the animal influences in Kenpo Karate and there are a number of techniques with feline names (i.e. Sweeping Tiger).  This works for me.  It’s neat to think about the strength, speed, agility, and cunning of the big cats and how it applies to karate.

Cali, our little 7.5 lb. calico kitty, has recently had other ideas about “helping me” while I exercise.  The other day she was so determined to snuggle in my lap despite the fact that I was in the middle of a Jillian Michaels workout.  When I laid down to do crunches, I was crunching up to a kitty on my stomach.  At the end, I had to stretch over her to reach my toes during the cool down.  Then she missed me when I had the nerve to take a shower afterwards.  So she let herself in the bathroom and meowed at me.  What a mutt.

Our cats entertain me as well.  For example, I just love some of the positions our Bailey boy puts himself in when relaxing in the sun or snuggling on the kids’ beds.  🙂

Today the cats helped by cuddling and purring both this morning so I’d stay in bed longer and this afternoon when I was comfy on the couch.  It worked, I fell asleep and had a nice nap.

So, cats continue to have a positive impact on my life, in more ways than ever imagined.  I cannot picture life without kitties.  Cats rule.  =^^=


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