The Ups and Downs of Summer

Wow – it’s August already!  Can you believe it?

Working Life:
Now that I’ve adjusted to summer-mode, the summer is halfway over.  Work-wise it has been slower, which has its ups and downs.  Less revenue, but more time to focus on my business (reaching my ideal customers and preparing for future growth).  From a parenting perspective, I’m thankful that work is less stressful for the summer as this translates into more time to enjoy my family.  One day soon we’ll head to the beach and my daughter and I are looking forward to seeing a ballgame with my dad.  Good summer fun.  How is your workload this summer?  What fun things have you done with your family?

Summertime Parenting:
It can be a challenge to keep kids entertained for the whole summer and it’s an even bigger challenge to keep them on track with learning.  We parents must be aware of the “summer slide”.  So I’m doing my best to keep the kids on top of their summer school work with a focus on regular reading.  We make weekly trips to the library so we always have new books to enjoy.  I’m thankful for the supportive staff at our local library and their summer reading rewards program.  It’s a bonus that our local bookstore, Barnes & Noble, offers a summer reading program as well.   The kids are well on their way to earning a free book.  🙂

Summer started off with a bang as we took a family vacation early (in June this year).  Now it feels like everyone else is on vacation and I find myself wishing we still that to look forward to.  So I recently planted a couple hydrangea plants of my own to remind me of one of my favorite vacation spots.

Enjoy the rest of your Summer!


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