Many Goals = Many Accomplishments?

There’s nothing like reaching your goals, is there?
Ah, the sense of accomplishment after good, hard work.  I love it!  It’s a natural high and I got to experience it this weekend at my latest karate belt test.  I was the highest ranking karate student testing, so I felt like I was in the hot seat.  Nonetheless, I pushed and did my best.  And succeeded!  🙂

I find it essential to have goals so there’s always something to strive for.  It keeps me going day-to-day.  Sometimes interim goals are helpful too.  I especially find this to be true at work, where I run my own business.  It’s solely up to me to determine the direction of the business and make it all happen.  No pressure or anything.  Just like at a karate belt test.  Ha!

So the more goals, the better – right?  More achievements?
Sadly, I don’t find this to be true and unfortunately, but naturally for me, I often have too many goals and consequently spread myself too thin.  For example, I want to break my personal record in running (5k and 10K) and I want to push to run farther.  I also want to improve my karate skills and ultimately reach the next belt (though thinking about brown at this point is a bit overwhelming).  And of course I have a number of goals related to raising our kids, and being a good wife, family member, and friend.  Not to mention my business goals.  You can see how the goals add up and can be overwhelming, can’t you?

So…  I’m trying to plan more wisely and prioritize my goals.  Perhaps one each for work, home life, and fitness.  Wish me luck.


2 responses to “Many Goals = Many Accomplishments?

  1. Good luck, Amy Sue!

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