Halloween Season is Here!

I helped set up for the annual Pumpkin Stroll at the kids’ school this week.  So, did I take any pictures of the awesome pumpkins that were carved and illuminated?  No, that would be too good.  I just have this…

Chocolate and cats.  I couldn’t resist!  Perhaps my subconscious was seeking cupcakes after failing to make or even eat a cupcake for the Cupcake Classic race last week.  I don’t know.

Pumpkin Stroll, Halloween parties, being BOO-ed, my birthday (think chocolate cake), and soon Halloween.  It’s a very fun time of year with so many treats.  It’s a good thing I’m training for a (Halloween) 5k race this weekend to burn off some of those calories.

What are you up to this weekend?  What’s the best Halloween treat or decoration you’ve seen?


One response to “Halloween Season is Here!

  1. Trying not to eat any more of the pumpkin cupcakes I made yesterday. Fortunately, my father likes them.

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