What I’m Thankful For

Thanksgiving is upon us – yay!

After our daughter came home from school with the sweetest poem about being thankful for her mom and dad, I paused to think about the holiday and what I am thankful for.  I’m proud to say it’s a long list.  Here are the highlights of things for which I give thanks:

  • Great friends & family – I don’t know what I’d do without my wonderful friends and I can’t wait to enjoy Thanksgiving and the long weekend with my family.
  • Health – I am so thankful that my loved ones and I are healthy.  This is something we cannot take for granted.
  • Running mates & dojo friends – Running and karate not only keep me fit, but they’ve introduced me to some great people.  Thanks to them, I have run father and faster than I imagined I would and my karate friends have made sparring, self-defense, etc. more interesting and fun.
  • Chocolate, turkey, and other delicious food – This is definitely part of what makes Thanksgiving my favorite holiday.  Oh, wine is good too!
  • Kitties & home – Nothing like home sweet home with our cuddly cats after a long work day or a weekend away.

What are you thankful for this holiday season?

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving – Enjoy!


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