Cats: What a Life!

Work at home days can be wonderfully productive or they can be incredibly challenging, varying by the day.  Some days it’s easier to focus and other days there are too many distractions in the house.

On the more difficult days, I sometimes find myself envious of the kitties, whom are predictably sleeping in various spots around the house.  For example, here’s our sweet, soft, black kitty glancing up at me.  I’ve started to call her “duvet kitty” because of how many hours she spends sleeping on our bed.
What a life!

Kitty Chair

Then there are the cats that take over my comfy chair.  They are certain (and wrong!) that I put out this chair just for them.  Not only is the little calico sleeping on the chair (at least I remembered a blanket to easily deal with the fur), but the tabby cat is curled up under the chair too.  Me thinks these indoor kitties have it made.  They should clean the dishes or do the laundry or something, with all the extra time they have to waste.

Sometimes the cats just amuse me and brighten my day.  For example, our daughter found Bailey in this odd pose, basking in the sun for a nap just the other day.

Is anyone else distracted and/or amused by their pets
while working at home?


2 responses to “Cats: What a Life!

  1. You need to listen to last week’s Slate Culture Gabfest, they talk about cats v dogs, New Zealand is proposing a cat control program… I love cats, would have two if I could (husband allergic).

    My dogs entertain me all day!

  2. Interesting, thanks. I love dogs too. Pets are wonderful, such good companions – welcome additions to the family.

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