Uni-tasking vs. Multi-tasking

I previously wrote about uni-tasking, the concept of concentrating on one thing at a time.  I have been doing this more, especially for work.  However, I find that I still like multi-tasking.  I thrive on the craziness sometimes and it makes me feel like I’m accomplishing more.  However, I have learned to plan more carefully and choose specifically what to multi-task.

Friends will not be surprised by my favorite way to multi-task: running while chatting with a friend.  What a combination!  It’s great social time to catch up, get advice, listen, etc. while getting an excellent (and fun) workout at the same time.  I find myself running farther and farther these days (yes, over the New England winter!) and much of my success in doing so it is the long runs with friends.  The time and the miles just fly by and I love it.

Check out the personalized race bib. How cool is that?

The long runs over the local hills paid off this weekend.  I completed my first 15k race and it was fantastic.  Perfect weather, scenic course, and I finished faster than I expected.  Yay!  Thank you to my good running friends including those at Tri-Valley FrontRunners who organized and hosted a fabulous race.

Are there any particular tasks that you like to combine & multi-task?

Any fellow runners who have completed a race (or two) this year or are you just getting started?


2 responses to “Uni-tasking vs. Multi-tasking

  1. I have reached a phase of life where I am no longer interested in multitasking. I know that sounds odd but I have discovered I work best in silence, I don’t really like listening to audiobooks while walking/running anymore, etc… can I blame Buddhism for this? 🙂 I’m trying to embrace some buddhist methods in life, with the goal to slow down, enjoy the moment… I also no longer need to manage life by my son’s sports/activities schedule!

    I’m glad you are finding what works for you. That’s what counts. Next week I might be listening to audio again 🙂

    Congrats on the 15K

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